Detective Sathyabhama (2022) Detective Sathyabhama (2022) (HDRip)
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Produced In: India Release Date: 15th September 2022
Genre: Drama, Language: Telugu
Categories Telugu Featured, Telugu Movies 2022,
Genres Drama,
Actors Sonia Agarwal Sanjana Choudhary Sai Kumar Pampana

Detective Sathyabhama 2022:

Plot: Sunitha Pandey and Arjun love each other and get married. When Sunitha notices Arjun being close to another girl, Sunitha grows suspicious and her jealousy slowly turns into a psychotic hatred. She kills Arjun in a frenzy. She starts to identify couples with problems and convinces the wives to kill their husbands. She thus forms a gang called loony and soon convinces many women that men lack chivalry and have to be killed. Private detective Satyabhama grows suspicious by the growing missing cases in the city and decides to take things into her hands. Would she get to the loony gang and would she be able to stop the killings?

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