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Produced In: India Release Date: 17th June 2022
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Language: Telugu
Categories TV Shows,
Genres Crime, Thriller,
Actors Rajshri Nair Srikanth Sameer Khan

Recce 2022:

Plot: In 1990, in the rural area of Tadipatri, a burnt body is found in the outskirts of the village. Lenin, a newly appointed S.I., starts his investigation. On the other hand, Kullayappa hires Paradesi and gang to kill Varadarajulu, the village sarpanch. Paradesi and gang start doing recce and find out about Varadarajulu’s affair with the village E.O’s wife Rekha. Paradesi comes up with a plan to kill Varadarajulu. Lenin learns about a similar case that happened in a nearby town and visits the station to dig deeper.

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